Selected recent publications from the group. For a full account, see the research portal.

Bayesian inference for stochastic oscillatory systems using the phase-corrected Linear Noise Approximation
Swallow, B., Rand, D. A. & Minas, G., (2022).

Automated call detection for acoustic surveys with structured calls of varying length
Wang, Y.Ye, J. & Borchers, D. L., (2022).

Flexible estimation of the state dwell-time distribution in hidden semi-Markov models
Pohle, J.Adam, T. & Beumer, L. T., (2022)

Constructions for regular-graph semi-Latin rectangles with block size two
Uto, N. P. & Bailey, R. A., (2022)

Variance matrix priors for Dirichlet process mixture models with Gaussian kernels
Jing, W.Papathomas, M. & Liverani, S., (2022)

A guide to state–space modeling of ecological time series
Auger-Méthé, M.Newman, K.Cole, D.Empacher, F.Gryba, R.King, A. A.Leos-Barajas, V.Mills Flemming, J.Nielsen, A.Petris, G. & Thomas, L., (2021)